Eager to get started? This page gives a good introduction in how to get started with the HP SDN Client. If you haven’t installed it already, head over to the Installation section.

Using the API

Using the HP SDN Client to interface with the HP VAN SDN Controller REST API is simple.

First we import the HP SDN Client module using the short name hp

>>> import hpsdnclient as hp

Then, we create an XAuthToken authenticator:

>>> auth = hp.XAuthToken(server=, user="sdn", password="skyline")

This creates a XAuthToken authenticator called auth which is required to instantiate the Api object:

>>> api = hp.Api(controller='', auth=auth)

Now, we have a Api object called api. This object allows us to access the HP VAN SDN Controller API using simple method calls. For example:

>>> api.get_datapaths()

Which will return a list of all Datapaths discovered by the HP VAN SDN Controller.

Full documentation for each of the methods is available in the Core REST API, OpenFlow REST API and Network Services REST API sections.

Errors and Exceptions

If things go wrong, the HP SDN Client will raise exceptions for your application to handle. The following exceptions are raised based on the error message give to us by the HP VAN SDN Controller.

A InvalidJson exception is raised when the JSON submitted in a POST request is invalid

A VersionMismatch exception is raised when a Datapath does not support the requisite OpenFlow version for a specific feature

A IllegalArgument exception is raised when an illegal argument is passed to the SDN Controller API

A OpenflowProtocolError exception is raised when the something goes wrong at the OpenFlow layer

A NotFound exception is raised when the requested resource is not found

If something goes wrong in the conversion between JSON and Python Objects, a hpsdnclient.error.DatatypeError exception is raised

All exceptions that the HP SDN Client explicitly raises inherit from hpsdnclient.error.HpsdnclientError.

In the event of an error at the HTTP layer that can’t be handled, we allow the Requests library to raise an exception.