HP SDN Client

A Python library that makes interaction with the HP VAN SDN Controller REST API easy

Release v1.1.1. (Installation)

Created by Dave Tucker, Hewlett Packard

HP SDN Client is an Apache2 Licensed Python library, designed to make interacting with the HP VAN SDN Controller’s REST API easy.

The requests library by Kenneth Reitz makes it easy to use HTTP in Python. Making RESTful API interactions easy requires a little bit of extra work... Enter the HP SDN Client library


The HP SDN Client provides the following features:
  • Authentication
  • Error Handling
  • Serializing Python Objects to JSON and back again

This makes interacting with the HP VAN SDN Contoller REST API a simple method call.

Usage Example

import hpsdnclient as hp

controller = ''
auth = hp.XAuthToken(user='sdn', password='skyline', server=controller)
api = hp.Api(controller=controller, auth=auth)

datapaths = api.get_datapaths()
links = api.get_links()

Sample Application

Please see examples/short_detour.py